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Finally the highly forgotten! anticipated unveiling of the results to my 2nd favorite music meme! god knows i've put it off for waaaay too long

favorite song meme #2 [14 out of 30 guessed]Collapse )

Kimi-chan wins again XD

Maybe next time I'll do a favorite song by composer/producer one *big-evil-grin* Thank you for playing!

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countdown & geisha
I'm going to follow boogiepop03's lead, and promote this really crazy thread at AnimeLyrics. Asato Megumi has started this game to count backwards from 1000 to 1, posting one consecutive number per post. The thread was started on 12/20, and is currently down to 537. We're really going to have to haul ass if we want to finish in 68 hours, before 2006 XD

I saw Memoirs of a Geisha with my family, and it was quite good. It was mostly in English, with some Japanese mixed in, but only unimportant or obvious things. I thought it was a nice touch when Chiyo would call Mameha onee-san.

Apparently critics were talking about one particular scene where a kimono was worn in reverse, right-over-left. I guess wearing it reversed that way is reserved for the dead, somehow. I heard about this ahead of time, so from the beginning of the movie I was watching out for it, and sure enough I spotted it. When Chiyo sneaks a newspaper clipping out of a drawer, her kimono is worn right-over-left.

The main thing I had an issue with was the dance (during the play). It seemed to be a very modern-style dance, whereas a more traditional one might have been more appropriate (not that I'd know what that would look like).

Other than that, it was an amazing movie, and I recommend it. I learned a lot about the art of geisha, which I never really knew much about previously. The cinematography was breath-takingly beautiful. The soundtrack worked as well.

10 reasons i need to listen to music at my computer more often
1) Cool Joke - Cool Joke (2005.10.26)
2) Yoko Takahashi - Anata wo hakemashi, toki ni sasae to naru mono (2005.12.7)
3) Akino Arai - Sora no uta (2005.11.23)
4) Berserk OST (1994)
5) Marmalade Boy Best Album (1995)
6) Ai Otsuka - Love Cook (2005.12.14)
7) Kou Shibasaki - Hitori asobi (2005.12.14)
8) Kiroro - Wonderful Days (2005.11.23)
9) Spitz - Hachimitsu (1995)
10) Hironobu Kageyama - Cold Rain (2005.12.7)

I should really post the answers to that music meme soon...

maaya mix 3, yuki kajiura mix 2, dj mix 35
My 2nd favorite song meme is still active, so feel free to take guesses; even if you already have. Only 13 songs have been guessed out of the 30 total artists so far. I'll wait at least a week before posting the answers.

maaya sakamoto mix 3Collapse )

About track 9: It was nice to finally see the play, Letter ~bring to light~. It seemed very low budget, and kind of silly at times, but both actors have very nice singing voices. Tracks 5, 10 and 16 are from Yuunagi Loop.

yuki kajiura mix 2Collapse )

I duplicated a couple songs from my first Yuki Kajiura Mix, just because that mix was completely Noir and .hack//Sign music XD

dj mix 35Collapse )

I had a little fun with this mix. There are a couple song couplings (3 & 4; 5 & 6; 10 & 11) which follow a certain relationship: One song by an artist who used to be produced by the producer of the other song. The last example doesn't quite follow that rule, but it's close. There's a good chance that tracks 13 through 15 are all top hit singles from 1995.

I finally got around to romanizing the tracklisting for FictionJunction Yuuka's upcoming first album, Dimensions. I posted it on yukikajiura :)

favorite song meme #2
In celebration of Maaya Sakamoto's new album (which should be coming out about now in Japan, being ~13 hours ahead), I've decided to do another favorite song meme! Very similar to last time, and I didn't reuse any artists. It's up to you guys to guess what my favorite song by each artist is. You can guess once per artist at a time. The first person to guess the right song, gets credited. Good luck!

favorite song meme #2 [14 out of 30 guessed]Collapse )
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電車男/高乃麗/dj mix 34/坂本真綾
I've been completely obsessed with Densha Otoko lately. I had a mini-marathon recently, and I was so inspired by episodes 4 and 7, that I decided to make wallpapers based on them.
densha otoko wallpapers and reviews with possible SPOILERSCollapse )
For those of you who know nothing about Densha Otoko: The premise is how an otaku and a "normal" bijin hook up through an incident where the otaku (Tsuyoshi) sticks up for the woman (Saori) on a train. It's a live action with an anime inside of its universe (I forgot the name of it, but it's animated by Gonzo). Half the time is spent in real-life, and half on a BBS for single men (even though there seem to be a lot of couples and even females on it hehe). In fact, the drama is supposedly based on a true story, which was published in a book in BBS log format. Saori is played by the same person who plays Natsumi in Taiho shichau zo! Live Action. And I could swear that one of the people on the BBS is the same as Miyabi in GTO Live Action, but I can't seem to find proof of it. If you haven't seen Densha Otoko, definitely try an episode at TV-Nihon.

I was chatting with one of my buddies a fews days ago about Urara Takano, one of the seiyuu in Sakura Taisen. He was desperately trying to find a place that sold her major album, so I went to her website to find some info...
fillipe & i make fun of urara takanoCollapse )
Ahhh... We're so mean LOL

dj mix 34Collapse )
I guess the significance of this mix is that tracks 1, 3 & 5 were all from albums which I recently downloaded, romanized tracklistings, tagged & renamed, and then uploaded to Jpopsuki. I sure wish my ISP weren't blocking Jpopsuki at the moment... As far as I can tell, Why? is a cover of Rin''s Yachiyo no kaze, mostly because of the date each came out, but I can't be sure.

I submitted the tracklisting I romanized from my last post to, and it got posted. I even got credited! ^^ They have even more info, wheee.

Oh yeah, I can't wait for FictionJunction Yuuka's album to come out later this year entitled Destination! It will come out on 2005.11.23.

yuunagi loop song titles
I was excited to see that CD Japan updated their Yuunagi Loop entry with song titles! I romanized it:

maaya sakamoto - yuunagi loop (2005.10.26)
1. hello
2. honey, come
3. loop
4. wakaba
5. paprika
6. my favorite books
7. tsuki to hashiri-nagara
8. no fear ~ai suru koto~
9. unison
10. fuyu desu ka
11. yuunagi loop
12. a happy ending

In other Maaya news, it's interesting to note that she played the voice of Aerith in FF7: Advent Children. It's too bad she didn't get more lines XD
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delayed otakon report
I realize it's very late for an Otakon report, but I've had this written up forever now and just haven't gotten around to posting it XD
every thing i wrote about otakon right after getting backCollapse )
(And that's as far as I got, and here's the rest now.)

I got to see The Indigo in concert and Otaku Idol Concert. But what really caught my attention was the Spoony Bards, who played for 30 minutes in OtaCafe for Band Night. I guess they're a group of talented musicians, and 3 of them appeared for this particular set:
1) A female vocalist dressed as a moogle with an incredible voice. She also played flute.
2) A male guitarist, who also sang for one of the songs.
3) A female violinist, who also shook a moracca for one of the songs.

They were simply amazing. They got mad applause for the more recognizable songs, despite there not being a huge crowd at the time. Some songs I remember:
-Noir - Cante per Me
-Chrono Cross - opening theme
-Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers ~without stealing the jewels~
-Metal Gear Solid song of some kind
-Haibane renmei BGM
The first 3 being absolutely amazing.

Well, I guess that's it for now, for the sake of just getting this post up. Hopefully I'll get some pics up in the near future as well.

maaya & otakon
Oooohh yeeaeah. I just got an Artist Newsmail from CD Japan, and some things are more definite about Maaya Sakamoto's 5th album coming out on 10/26/05. The title will be Yunagi Loop. It will contain Loop, Fuyu desu ka and Honey, Come. Man I wish I could afford to pre-order it!

I'm getting all ready for Otakon this weekend; collecting karaoke tracks, grooming them, finding lyrics, making indices; making nigiri; doing laundry; cleaning out the car; going shopping. Fun stuff.

Let's see how many people I can list that I know are going: Me, pottassiumman, Tien, his cousin, resuka, lmekko, Jeff K., that guy who's on Otaku Idol staff with me XD, Andrew Z. (on Karaoke staff), Alik & her bf, Goki, Sam, Scott M., Kitty, chibiragdoll, shinobihime, Nikki, Desmond, Fusoya & his friend, luna_hoshino, deaddude, and probably many more people I know, but will find out they went when I see them XD (23 so far).

I'm looking forward to seeing The Indigo now that I finally acquainted myself with their music and even made a mix of their stuff to listen on the ride down. They have a nice mellow feel to them and sort of have hints of country & jazz.

I'm waaay backed up on mixes & photos, but I'll see what I can do about that after returning ^^
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doughnuts on the road & a/c struck by lightsaber
I sit at my computer, once again, thinking to myself I should ~sooo~ be sleeping :3 Time for a couple mixes and a couple photo galleries!

dj mix 30Collapse )
I made the mistake of putting 2 Negima! songs on there, but I was soo addicted to both of the songs, that's it's not really too bad. Ame-agari no tenshi could seriously be my top song on AudioScrobbler next update LOL

dj mix 31Collapse )
I was very happy when the OP single for Tsubasa Chronicle came out :) I can't wait for the OST.

I had way too much fun with this mix. There's this slow progression which starts at track 7 and goes all the way to track 18 with the song titles. I start at little things like "hana" and "flowers" and work up to bigger things like "world" and "hoshi" XD

Last Saturday, I went to Animerathon as usual, minding my own business, and as I was about to park, I happened upon...


o_O It was an impressive sight to observe, but it sure seemed like a waste of food. I, of course, parked right behind the pile.

2 days ago, Tien found an air conditioner near his apartment complex's dumpsters. He said it looks like someone took a light saber to it, and he wasn't kidding...


Using a nearby shopping cart, we hauled the A/C to the mailroom which had a power outlet and at first it spit out dust, but surely enough, the room started getting cooler! It may not look pretty, but you can't beat free =D
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